Founder, Executive Editor, Chief Correspondent, and Webmaster of Real Context News

  • His Real Context News named one of the “Top 60 Foreign Policy Blogs & Websites to Follow” by Feedspot in 2020, 2021, 2022, & 2023.
  • Featured in Newsweek, The Jerusalem Post, Modern War Institute at West Point, The London School of Economics and Politics Middle East Centre, Real Clear DefenseReal Clear HistoryThe Jordan Times, Alghad TV, Alaraby TV, MSNVenture Magazine, Atlantico, Buzzard, Al Bawaba, Business Insider, Small Wars JournalIndian Strategic Studies, The Jerusalem Report, Byline Times, Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA), War Is Boring, Mic, Movie Pilot, Russian International Affairs Council, Global Risk Insights, Medium, Hidden Remote, LinkedIn Pulse
  • Cited by NATO Library's LibGuide on Cyber Defence, Harvard Law & Policy Review, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, USA Today, Ministry of Defense of Brazil, The Cove (Australian government military think tank), The National Endowment for Democracy’s DemDigest, The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, Istituto Affari Internazionali, Foundation for European Progressive Studies, Dark Quadrant: Organized Crime, Big Business, and the Corruption of American Democracy, All Men Must Die: Power and Passion in Game of Thrones, Christopher Nolan: A Critical Study of the FilmsThe International Spectator, & Central Europe
  • Over 200 articles published since fall 2013
  • Partial-author, primary compiler/editor for quarterly report for $46-million USAID project in Jordan
  • Author of a chapter published in an academic book
  • Pioneer in putting together the big-picture on the Trump-Russia saga
  • Personally attacked by the NRA & Russian trolls/bots
  • Blocked by Margarita Simonyan, Editor-in-Chief of Russia Today/RT, & Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch
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"People exist for one another." - Marcus Aurelius, Meditations  8.59

Brian E. Frydenborg is a unique and talented freelancer with a background and/or experience in writing, journalism, research, humanitarian aid/relief, international development, international affairs, government, public policy, and consulting.  After over 7 years in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area he relocated to Amman, Jordan, in February 2014, where he lived and worked until June, 2019.

Brian grew up in a suburb of New York City called Weston, Connecticut, and attended the Canterbury School in New Milford, CT, where he especially developed his leadership and teamwork skills.  In particular, he honed his mental toughness as a wrestler, cross-country runner, and as a leader in the student government.

As an undergraduate at Washington and Lee University, he engaged in a rigorous double major program of Politics and History.  His main abroad experience in college was in Japan, but he also had other experiences in Cuba and Europe.  The summer of his junior year he held an internship at the Massachusetts State House while holding down two other jobs.  Upon graduation, he volunteered for several political campaigns in Boston, including the 2004 Democratic National Convention, where a chance meeting with then-Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr., and his Chief of Staff eventually led to an internship in the Senator's Washington, DC, office in late 2006.

After doing substantive work in the United States Senate while just an intern, and after some time in the private sector, he began his graduate studies at George Mason University's School of Public Policy. While also working part-time, he completed his Master of Science (M.S.) in Peace Operations, with his program defining a peace operation “as an intervention into a complex contingency [due to conflict and/or natural disaster] for the purpose of maintaining or restoring peace.”  The completion of his degree included studying abroad in Liberia—evaluating the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL)—and also included studying abroad in Israel and the West Bank, examining the conflict there.

Since a temporary research position with Edelman Berland, the research division of Edelman, which is the world's largest public relations firm, he has been freelance writing and consulting, roles in which he has had roughly 200 articles published since late 2013 by a wide variety of outlets.  As an example of his ability to generate readership and engagement, his two top-performing articles from among those he self-posted on LinkedIn Pulse generated well over 110,000 unique visitors between them.

As part of these efforts, beginning in July, 2016, Brian produced meticulously researched analysis of the historic Trump-Russia scandal that was far deeper and far ahead of the analysis produced by mainstream media outlets and analysts.  Apart from his work as a freelance writer, one of his contracts was for a major USAID project in Jordan and another was for a Jordanian NGO.  In addition, he has assisted a variety of clients on anything from editing and applications to creating corporate policy manuals and website content.  Brian has even been in a number of film and television projects as he continues to expand and deepen his range as a professional.  After spending close to five-and-a-half years in the Middle East (mainly Jordan) as a freelance journalist and independent consultant in a variety of capacities from 2014-2019, Brian is back in the U.S. pursuing various new projects in his home country.  He currently brings two decades of high-level academic and professional expertise to bear on any project in which he is engaged.  Feel free to contact him about any opportunities for which you feel his talents may be of service.

Brian's Unique Approach

Analysis That Is Ahead of the Curve

It's never been harder to filter the noise from information that's useful; in our social media age, the massive increase in sources has led to a notable decrease in overall quality.  Even solid outlets and analysts are often feeling constraints that lead to an inability to properly weigh things and a disproportionate focus on the current moment at the expense of conveying the big picture and how it relates to you and your concerns.  Brian's work and predictive abilities consistently hit the mark where many others have fallen short, providing rich detail and context while never losing sight of the big picture.

Exceptional Breadth & Depth of Expertise

Over two decades of high-level analysis of international affairs, conflict, national security, public policy, politics, organizational management, leadership, and history. Global travel, study, and work in Japan, Cuba, Liberia, Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan. Publications, writing, research, and consulting on a wide variety of topics and fields. Contextual insight that is exceptional and original, yet grounded and practical. Highly-rated, highly-viewed freelancer / contractor.

Versatile & Cross-disciplinary

Brian's professional background, studies, and career center on his abilities to research, analyze, problem solve, and explain.  From journalism covering the most complex of issues to the fields of humanitarianism and international development, from public policy and foreign affairs to politics and history, Brian sees how they all come together in ways few can.  You will find few writers, researchers, academics, or journalists who can cover as varied and wide a range of topics as well and as deeply as Brian can, or who can make such topics relatable and understandable in the ways Brian can.

Brian's Expertise/Skills:

Writing, editing, research (w/ emphasis on problem-solving & providing workable, real-world solutions & applicable analysis), politics, public policy, international relations, diplomacy, academia, media, journalism, foreign policy, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, peacemaking, conflict mitigation / analysis / resolution, counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, international development, humanitarian aid / intervention / relief, stability / post-conflict / peace operations, international affairs, government, intergovernmental / inter-agency / intra-agency / IO / NGO relationships, history and conducting / applying historical case studies, public speaking / presentations, consulting

Brian's Services and Vision

Writing / Editing / Researching and Journalism / Reporting / Media Analysis

If you need something well-written, engaging, insightful, and meticulously researched, then Brian is the man for you.  Able to tackle virtually any topic no matter how new to him but also armed with a depth of knowledge spread across many fields, Brian can produce, edit, or research material specific to your needs, and has worked on a wide range of topics and projects as a freelancer, with many raving reviews and a nearly perfect rating on oDesk, the world's largest freelancing website.  And when it comes to news, Brian has not only had many articles published as an independent member of the news media, he also has an understanding of how the global news media operates and shapes the world in which we live.  In today's dynamic, rapidly changing media landscape, Brian knows both what to put into and what to take from what can be an overwhelming number of options for staying plugged into the world.

International Affairs, Humanitarian / Relief Operations, and International Development

Today, all business and public policy is both local and global.  What happens in the world today is sure to affect your organization tomorrow, and Brian can show you how. Brian is particularly passionate about humanitarian / relief operations and international development. There are few activities in the world as complex and interdisciplinary as humanitarian/relief operations, and international development is a field brimming with innovation and in very high demand.  Brian's unique master's degree program featured both humanitarian relief and international development as core study topics, and his study of these topics and international affairs began almost a decade-and-a-half ago when he was an undergraduate.

Public Policy, Political Science, Governance, Government, and ​Consulting

Even if you're in the private sector, public policy affects your business.  Whether you're in government or out, Brian has well over a decade of experience studying and being part of public policy through two degree programs in addition to many of his non-academic pursuits. And politics is the process by which much of public policy is made. Over 2,300 years ago, Aristotle noted that "Man is by nature a political animal."  That is no less true today, with politics more diverse, vibrant, and confusing than ever.  More often than not, understanding the political climate of your surroundings is vital to your success and that of your organization.  With his academic experience, consulting and writing experience, as well as policy and campaign work at the state and national levels, Brian is an ideal choice to help you navigate the political realm. Finally, much of both public policy and politics centers on studying an issue or problem, and then coming up with workable projects and solutions to deal with that problem: specialties of Brian's.

History / Academia

Brian has been studying history his whole life.  As the Roman historian Livy wrote 2,000 years ago, “[t]he special and salutary benefit of the study of history is to behold evidence of every sort of behavior set forth as on a splendid memorial; from it, you may select for yourself and for your country what to emulate, from it what to avoid, whether basely begun or basely conducted.” Historical experience and analysis, whether of a major modern corporation or the Roman Republic (see his book chapter), can often provide valuable insight into and lessons for a large range of current issues and situations.  Such analysis can have applicability to everything from your daily life to engaging in complex professional projects.  You can trust Brian to find the most relevant historical case studies and to explain their lessons (see his take on WWI for the Modern War Institute at West point) that are important to know for you and for your  organization.

Brian's Vision

Brian has loved learning his whole life, and has a passion for searching out good information so he can make good decisions and for sharing his learning with others, empowering them to make better decisions.  Years ago, he was the "go-to guy" for many topics with his friends, and today, Brian is proud to be the same for his professional clientele.

Apart from his commitment to integrity, honesty, and making a positive difference in people's lives, Brian operates professionally on a series of core guidelines:

1.) The applicability of his services

In an era of information overload, Brian seeks to make sure what he gives you will advance your specific goals.

2.)  The uniqueness of his services

As an innovative and creative thinker, Brian will often combine more traditional and expected sources and methods with those few if any others would recognize as being relevant.  What this means for you is that you get a broader, more nuanced and original product, one that will give you an edge over competitors.
Brian's Vision (Continued)

3.) The inclusivity of his services

Brian wants your input and ideas. Different perspectives will only add to the angles covered, problems anticipated, and quality of results. Expect Brian to be an active, engaged, and collaborative partner, not someone disappears and does not communicate.

4.) Client satisfaction

If the client isn't satisfied, Brian isn't satisfied. Brian will actively work with you to make sure you are happy with your service and will apply additional effort when there are any unanticipated problems.

5.) Clarity

Brian prides himself on his detailed, clear communication. He wants you to be clear on your expectations and in return he will be clear with what he can do for you and when, and communicate any changes to the initial plan as soon as any issues arise.