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The London School of Economics and Politics (Lse) Middle East Centre

Trump and Netanyahu: Tainted Love Furthers Self-Destructive Tribalism- February 22, 2019


The Modern War Institute (MWI) at West Point (U.S. Military Academy)/Real Clear Defense & History

The Urgent Lessons of World War I- December 12, 2018; featured on Real Clear Defense December 14 and Real Clear History December 17


The Jerusalem Post

Starting a conversation- Oct 20, 2016

Encountering dehumanization- Jan 6, 2016


Small Wars Journal

Author Page

Trumpism and Tribalism Run Amok in the Middle East 11/07/2018

On Arabs and Conspiracy Theories 08/31/2018

Immigration, Diversity, Inclusion: Strategic National Security Assets From Antiquity Through Today 04/15/2018


Hidden Remote

Can Tel Aviv on Fire bring hope to Israeli-Palestinian conflict when all else has failed- Aug 1, 2019

Holy Air’s dark humor may be a beacon for understanding in Middle East- Jul 31, 2019


MSN/Al Bawaba

Nadia Murad's Nobel Pain Must Become Inspiration for the Middle East- Oct 9, 2018 Al Bawaba

Opinion: America's Downfall and Russian Resurgence- Jul 22, 2018 Al Bawabarepublished in syndication by MSN

An Israeli, a Syrian, and an American Walk into Hashem's in Downtown Amman- Jul 8, 2018 Al Bawaba

In Yemen, Arabs Prefer to Look Away Rather Than Take Responsibility- Jul 2, 2018 Al Bawaba

Opinion: Following Protests, Jordanians Can Hold Heads High- Jun 20, 2018 Al Bawaba; republished by The Muslim Times


War Is Boring

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Donald Trump Would Be Right to Strike Syria - April 11, 2018

How Syria Fits Into the Trump-Russia Scandal- March 29, 2018

Only Security Can Buy Time for Oil-Exporters to Evolve- March 27, 2018

Follow the Russian Natural Gas- February 14, 2018

Trump’s Real Estate Deals Took Money From Russian Crooks- April 4, 2017

Trump Aides and Russian Mobsters Pulled Strings in Putin’s Massive Ukraine Gas Scheme- March 30, 2017

The Clock Is Ticking on the Post-World War II Liberal International Order- Mar 6, 2017

The Origins of American Democratic Fascism - Mar 5, 2017

A Brief History of the First Russo-American Cyberwar- Dec 16, 2016

Venture Magazine

Relief and Development: Ending the Zero-Sum Myth- Aug 5, 2018


The Jordan Times

Ideal governance in 'the rule of law, and not of men' | Jordan Times- Jun 24, 2017


Hill Reporter

How Cohen’s and Manafort’s Ukraine Ties Tell the Deeper Story of Trump-Russia and the Mueller Probe- August 1, 2018


Global Risk Insights/Business Insider

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Panama Papers: In the Middle East, Mossack Fonseca’s business is lethal- APRIL 11, 2016

U.S. gears up for near-unprecedented 

Supreme Court fight over Scalia vacancy- FEBRUARY 16, 2016

GRI’s 2015 year in risk review- JANUARY 27, 2016

Top 5 political risks to watch for in 2016- JANUARY 26, 2016

Opinion: Putin’s political calculus in Syria harms Russian interests- DECEMBER 1, 2015

Team Obama’s Low-Risk, High-reward Move in Syria- NOVEMBER 5, 2015; republished by Business Insider

Obama ups the ante in Syria with TOW missiles- OCTOBER 20, 2015


Mic (formerly PolicyMic)

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These Maps Debunk Everything the NRA Has Told Us About Guns- Nov. 19, 2013

If the Tea Party and Democrats Don't Learn From History, We'll Fall Like Ancient Rome- Oct. 22, 2013

What Caused the 2013 Government Shutdown? Redistricting- Oct. 17, 2013

We Lost 10 Years to the "War on Terror," It's Time We Admit It- Oct. 11, 2013

Do You Live in a Failing Nation? Check This Brilliant Map- Oct. 10, 2013

Don’t Listen to Republicans, the United Nations is Freaking Awesome- Oct. 9, 2013

The NSA Does Not Care About Your Personal Life. Sorry.- Oct. 5, 2013

In Government Shutdown, Ted Cruz and Tea Party Are Lucky We're Not Living in Ancient Rome- Oct. 3, 2013

Why the UN Syria Chemical Weapons Deal Isn't Nearly As Good As You Think- Sept. 30, 2013

The Historical Odyssey of Somalia’s Al-Shabab Terrorists- Sept. 27, 2013

Will the U.S. Attack Syria? Why It's Time to Help Moderate Rebels, and Get Assad Out- Sept. 24, 2013

'Dexter' Series Finale: A Heartrendingly Real Goodbye- Sept. 23, 2013

Will the U.S. Attack Syria? It Could Save More Lives Than You Think- Sept. 23, 2013

Dexter Finale: What Showtime’s Dexter Morgan Means to Me- Sept. 21, 2013

Syria War News: Inside the Vortex Of Death That Swallows All- Sept. 20, 2013

Breaking News Syria: Why Jordan, Israel, and Turkey Want the U.S. All In- Sept. 19, 2013 [Note: this headline, written by an editor, was very misleading]

Are We Getting Involved in Syria? Here's What to Expect If We Don't- Sept. 18, 2013

For Most Americans, 9/11 Was a Spectacle. For Me, It Was Personal.- Sept. 11, 2013 [Note: this headline, written by an editor, was very misleading]

Obama Syria Plan: Did He Just Get the Russians On Board?- Sept. 10, 2013 [Note: this headline, written by an editor, was very misleading]

Bashar al-Assad Forces 5,000 Syrians to Flee His Country Every Day- Sept. 4, 2013

Why Russia is the Tea Party Of International Politics- Sept. 3, 2013

4 Simple Reasons It is Extremely Unlikely Syrian Rebels Carried Out the Chemical Weapons Attacks- Sept. 2, 2013

Obama and Syria: President's Rose Garden Speech is One of His Best- Sept. 1, 2013

Syria 2013 Isn’t Iraq 2003, and Obama Isn’t Bush- Aug. 31, 2013

IRS Gay Marriage Decision Makes Economic Sense, Too- Aug. 30, 2013