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The Jerusalem Post

The war in Ukraine is embarrassing for Israelis and Palestinians- Nov 1, 2022

Starting a conversation- Oct 20, 2016

Encountering dehumanization- Jan 6, 2016


The London School of Economics and Politics (LSE) Middle East Centre

Trump and Netanyahu: Tainted Love Furthers Self-Destructive Tribalism- February 22, 2019


The Modern War Institute (MWI) at West Point (U.S. Military Academy)/Real Clear Defense & History

The Urgent Lessons of World War I- December 12, 2018; featured on Real Clear Defense December 14 and Real Clear History December 17

The Final Season of Game of Thrones was Full of Strategic and Tactical Stupidity, Just Like Real Wars Usually Are- September 24, 2019


Small Wars Journal/Real Clear Defense/NATO

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Impotent Missile Strikes Can’t Reverse Russia’s Losing as Beginning of the End of the War Unfolds- 10/12/2022

Putin’s Ukraine War Had Doomed Him; Mobilization Only Weakens Him More- 10/02/2022

Ukraine Writes the Textbook on Twenty-First Century Warfare, Conducts Masterclass- 09/12/2022 and featured by Real Clear Defense

Russia’s Limits Meet Ukraine’s Discretion to Slow the War Down to Ukraine’s Advantage- 08/25/2022

Why Ukraine Will Defeat Russia and How, from Kherson to Crimea, from Zaporizhzhia to the Donbas- 08/04/2022

Helping Ukraine Not “Provoking” Russia But a Proper Response to Years of Global Russian Aggression- 07/24/2022

Bungling the Prewar and First Moves in Finland 1939 and Ukraine 2022: A Comedy of Errors for Stalin’s Soviet Union and Putin’s Russia, Respectively -05/23/2022

Why and How Russian-Occupied Crimea Can Fall to Ukraine- 04/26/2022 and featured by SOF News

Why Russia’s Navy in Ukraine War is Doomed (or Irrelevant)- 04/13/2022 featured by Real Clear Defense and SOF News

The Beginning of the End of Putin? Why the Russian Army May (and Should) Revolt- 03/08/2022; featured by Real Clear Defense and quoted by the National Endowment for Democracy's Democracy Digest and SOF News

The Utter Banality of Putin’s Kabuki Campaign in Ukraine- 02/21/2022; quoted by SOF News

NATO Is in a Cyberwar with Russia and Must Expand Article 5 to Include Cyberwarfare or Risk Losing and Diminishment- 09/24/2021; cited by NATO and featured by Real Clear Defense

Trumpism and Tribalism Run Amok in the Middle East- 11/07/2018

On Arabs and Conspiracy Theories- 08/31/2018

Immigration, Diversity, Inclusion: Strategic National Security Assets From Antiquity Through Today- 04/15/2018


The Jerusalem Report

The history animating the Trump Capitol insurrection- Jan 13, 2021

Americans and Israelis, living by division, need hope- Nov 15, 2020


The Times of Israel

Author Page

Wading into Israel/Palestine Quicksand, Biden Offers Diplomacy 101 Class for All- May 31, 2021

Death, Stupidity; Rinse, Repeat- May 31, 2021


Venture Magazine

Relief and Development: Ending the Zero-Sum Myth- Aug 5, 2018

The Jordan Times

Ideal governance in 'the rule of law, and not of men' | Jordan Times- Jun 24, 2017


CGS Inc.

The Great AI Disruption in the Workplace: What to Expect and How to Prepare for It -October 10, 2019


The Slovenia Times

Two Slovenians Lead Charge for Voting Rights for Persons with Disabilities Throughout Europe- July 31, 2020


Winter Is Coming

Yes, the final season of Game of Thrones was a chaotic mess, and it was glorious- Oct 6, 2019


Hidden Remote

Can Tel Aviv on Fire bring hope to Israeli-Palestinian conflict when all else has failed- Aug 1, 2019

Holy Air’s dark humor may be a beacon for understanding in Middle East- Jul 31, 2019


MSN/Al Bawaba

Bibi Isn’t Done Yet: Think a Third Israeli Election Won’t Be the Result of the Second? Think again!- Sept 26, 2019

Nadia Murad's Nobel Pain Must Become Inspiration for the Middle East- Oct 9, 2018 Al Bawaba

Opinion: America's Downfall and Russian Resurgence- Jul 22, 2018 Al Bawabarepublished in syndication by MSN

An Israeli, a Syrian, and an American Walk into Hashem's in Downtown Amman- Jul 8, 2018 Al Bawaba

In Yemen, Arabs Prefer to Look Away Rather Than Take Responsibility- Jul 2, 2018 Al Bawaba

Opinion: Following Protests, Jordanians Can Hold Heads High- Jun 20, 2018 Al Bawaba; republished by The Muslim Times


War Is Boring

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Donald Trump Would Be Right to Strike Syria - April 11, 2018

How Syria Fits Into the Trump-Russia Scandal- March 29, 2018

Only Security Can Buy Time for Oil-Exporters to Evolve- March 27, 2018

Follow the Russian Natural Gas- February 14, 2018

Trump’s Real Estate Deals Took Money From Russian Crooks- April 4, 2017

Trump Aides and Russian Mobsters Pulled Strings in Putin’s Massive Ukraine Gas Scheme- March 30, 2017

The Clock Is Ticking on the Post-World War II Liberal International Order- Mar 6, 2017

The Origins of American Democratic Fascism- Mar 5, 2017

A Brief History of the First Russo-American Cyberwar- Dec 16, 2016


Dork Side of the Force

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Revisiting the time Ahsoka Tano faced off against Boba Fett — and won- Nov 26, 2020

Star Wars: Numbers show Clone Wars dominated 2020, reached huge audience- July 9, 2020

The final arc of The Clone Wars is Star Wars at its best- May 4, 2020

The Exciting Possibilities of Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian- Dec 28, 2019

Mandalorians and cultural trauma in The Mandalorian- Dec 13, 2019

The Mandalorian (and Baby Yoda) own everything and the numbers prove it- Dec 3, 2019

The Mandalorian nails the gritty/cute combo with Baby Yoda- Dec 1, 2019

Be thankful The Mandalorian has returned master storytelling to Star Wars- Nov 28, 2019

Mandalorians in Star Wars: A brief history to prep you for the series- Nov 19, 2019

Hill Reporter

How Cohen’s and Manafort’s Ukraine Ties Tell the Deeper Story of Trump-Russia and the Mueller Probe- August 1, 2018


Global Risk Insights/Business Insider

Author Page

Panama Papers: In the Middle East, Mossack Fonseca’s business is lethal- APRIL 11, 2016

U.S. gears up for near-unprecedented Supreme Court fight over Scalia vacancy- FEBRUARY 16, 2016

GRI’s 2015 year in risk review- JANUARY 27, 2016

Top 5 political risks to watch for in 2016- JANUARY 26, 2016

Opinion: Putin’s political calculus in Syria harms Russian interests- DECEMBER 1, 2015

Team Obama’s Low-Risk, High-reward Move in Syria- NOVEMBER 5, 2015; republished by Business Insider

Obama ups the ante in Syria with TOW missiles- OCTOBER 20, 2015


Mic (formerly PolicyMic)

Author Page

These Maps Debunk Everything the NRA Has Told Us About Guns- Nov. 19, 2013

If the Tea Party and Democrats Don't Learn From History, We'll Fall Like Ancient Rome- Oct. 22, 2013

What Caused the 2013 Government Shutdown? Redistricting- Oct. 17, 2013

We Lost 10 Years to the "War on Terror," It's Time We Admit It- Oct. 11, 2013

Do You Live in a Failing Nation? Check This Brilliant Map- Oct. 10, 2013

Don’t Listen to Republicans, the United Nations is Freaking Awesome- Oct. 9, 2013

The NSA Does Not Care About Your Personal Life. Sorry.- Oct. 5, 2013

In Government Shutdown, Ted Cruz and Tea Party Are Lucky We're Not Living in Ancient Rome- Oct. 3, 2013

Why the UN Syria Chemical Weapons Deal Isn't Nearly As Good As You Think- Sept. 30, 2013

The Historical Odyssey of Somalia’s Al-Shabab Terrorists- Sept. 27, 2013

Will the U.S. Attack Syria? Why It's Time to Help Moderate Rebels, and Get Assad Out- Sept. 24, 2013

'Dexter' Series Finale: A Heartrendingly Real Goodbye- Sept. 23, 2013

Will the U.S. Attack Syria? It Could Save More Lives Than You Think- Sept. 23, 2013

Dexter Finale: What Showtime’s Dexter Morgan Means to Me- Sept. 21, 2013

Syria War News: Inside the Vortex Of Death That Swallows All- Sept. 20, 2013

Breaking News Syria: Why Jordan, Israel, and Turkey Want the U.S. All In- Sept. 19, 2013 [Note: this headline, written by an editor, was very misleading]

Are We Getting Involved in Syria? Here's What to Expect If We Don't- Sept. 18, 2013

For Most Americans, 9/11 Was a Spectacle. For Me, It Was Personal.- Sept. 11, 2013 [Note: this headline, written by an editor, was very misleading]

Obama Syria Plan: Did He Just Get the Russians On Board?- Sept. 10, 2013 [Note: this headline, written by an editor, was very misleading]

Bashar al-Assad Forces 5,000 Syrians to Flee His Country Every Day- Sept. 4, 2013

Why Russia is the Tea Party Of International Politics- Sept. 3, 2013

4 Simple Reasons It is Extremely Unlikely Syrian Rebels Carried Out the Chemical Weapons Attacks- Sept. 2, 2013

Obama and Syria: President's Rose Garden Speech is One of His Best- Sept. 1, 2013

Syria 2013 Isn’t Iraq 2003, and Obama Isn’t Bush- Aug. 31, 2013

IRS Gay Marriage Decision Makes Economic Sense, Too- Aug. 30, 2013


Spice Magazine Online

Pakistan's Frightening Crystal Ball- Dec. 11, 2007

Pakistan’s (Still, and More) Frightening Crystal Ball, Part II- Feb. 10, 2008