Trump-Russia Saga:

Singular Depth, Exclusive Big-Picture Analysis

The biggest scandal in American history.
The (First) Russo-American Cyberwar: cyberwarfare and information warfare on an unprecedented scale and with unprecedented results.
Collusion in plain sight.  A nation wounded.
Democracy under siegeThe West in danger.
An ongoing catastrophe.

This material presented on this page is the most in-depth set of articles on these subjects you will find anywhere in print or on the internet.  Read Brian Frydenborg's singular and unprecedented news coverage of the Trump-Russia saga below, going all the way back to July, 2016with details, connections between Team Trump and Team Putin (including the best chart available anywhere mapping these out), and analysis presented before anyone else and/or by no one else.

Not sure where to start?  The newest articles are up top, so scroll to the bottom of the below box to begin with the oldest chronologically.  If you want to jump ahead, while all articles stand alone, jump here or here for particularly strong starting points.  Another excellent initiation is Brian's groundbreaking eBook, A Song of Gas and Politics: How Ukraine Is at the Center of Trump-Russia, or, Ukrainegate: A “New” Phase in the Trump-Russia Saga Made from Recycled Materials (available in Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, & EPUB formats), of which there are excerpts found below.  There is also a section of external links to official Mueller probe, impeachment, and Senate trial documents with analysis. 

Already in a Cyberwar with Russia, NATO Must Expand Article 5 to Include Cyberwarfare

The nature of warfare is changing and cyberwarfare is increasingly the battlefield on which our battles against our enemies are and will be fought, as Russia’s recent unprecedented SolarWinds hacking operation and other recent attacks make even clearer.  Russia is ...
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NATO cyberwarfare

The History of Russia’s Cyberwarfare Against NATO Shows It Is Time to Add to NATO’s Article 5

Since cyberwarfare has become a thing, Russia has been the only serious perpetrator of cyberwarfare against members of the NATO military alliance, with its just-discovered massive SolarWinds cyberwarfare operation only the latest in a string of impunities. It is long ...
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As America Votes, UK’s Russian Election Interference Report Should Be a Wake-Up Call to America

While it took years for a serious UK government report on Russian election interference in the UK to be released to the British public, the report is a masterclass in how such reports should be done, saying more with fewer ...
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Donald Trump, his kids, and Alexander Shnaider opening Trump Tower Toronto

When Dirty Russian-Connected Money Saved Trump’s Ass and His Ensuing Business Disasters Helped Destroy the Global and American Economies

As Trump’s taxes return to the news, here is the parallel context and setup where he went from failure on the verge of collapse to being propped up by money connected to Putin’s Russian government and the Russian mafia and ...
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Giuliani, Parnas, Fruman

The Nexus of American Right-Wing and Kremlin Disinformation Exposes Trump-Russia’s Mechanics

(Russian/Русский перевод) How Trump, Putin, Giuliani, the Russian mafia, and the working relationships between their agents and media allies in the Hunter Biden witch-hunt show how the Trump-Russia sausage is made and how the mainstream media foolishly amplifies this disinformation; the ...
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White nationalists in Charlottesville

Nationalism: A National Security Threat from Without and Within and one of Putin’s Favorite Weapons

Whatever its origin, nationalism taken too far can instigate violence and destroy democracy, and this is exactly what Putin is trying to do with it By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @bfry1981) September 10, 2020; see related article: Republic ...
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From Russia with Love

Coronavirus and History, Russia and Italy, the War for Reality, and the Nexus of It All

Excerpt 5 of 5, adapted to stand alone, from a May 26, 2020 SPECIAL REPORT on coronavirus By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @bfry1981) 1-A Brief, Non-Comprehensive Survey of Bioweapons, Biowarfare, and Bioterrorism History in Light of the Coronavirus Pandemic 2-America’s History ...
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FT coronavirus chart updated

Coronavirus Exposes U.S. As Unprepared for Biowarfare & Bioterrorism, Highlighting Traditional U.S. Weakness in Unconventional, Asymmetric Warfare

SPECIAL REPORT By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @bfry1981) May 26, 2020 PDF report version of this article here. The eBook version, Coronavirus the Revealer: How the Coronavirus Pandemic Exposes America As Unprepared for Biowarfare & Bioterrorism, Highlighting Traditional ...
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Biden Ukraine

The Untold Story of the Bidens and Burisma

The scale has been upended with the repeated transmissions of Trump’s—and the Kremlin's—lies about Biden. The real story is quite different and has yet to be properly framed by the media. By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @bfry1981) December 18, 2019; also see ...
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Time to Play Hardball with Russia

After President Donald Trump’s and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s embarrassing meetings today with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, now is the perfect time to acknowledge the Kremlin acts with hostility towards the U.S.; it’s high time America responded in ...
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eBook cover

A Song of Gas and Politics: How Ukraine Is at the Center of Trump-Russia, or, Ukrainegate: A “New” Phase in the Trump-Russia Saga Made from Recycled Materials (eBook preview/excerpt)

A preview of an Epic Saga with companion sections in fifteen parts By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter@bfry1981) November 24, 2019 (Update: December 7, 2019: we now know Giuliani has been meeting in Ukraine with Andrii Artemenko and is ...
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Ukrainegate Proves the Media Has Learned Almost Nothing from 2016

The dangerous myopia of the media must be corrected or opponents of Trump—including the free press—have little chance to topple him in 2020 By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @bfry1981) November 19, 2019; see Brian's related brand-new e-Book, from which this below piece ...
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Barr Summary and Mueller Report Do Not Mean Trump Russia Is a Hoax. Far From It.

From what we know so far, the report is far from a worst-case scenario for Trump, a scenario that was never likely to begin with, but it is also far from the best and lays the groundwork for more trouble ...
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How Cohen’s and Manafort’s Ukraine Ties Tell the Deeper Story of Trump-Russia and the Mueller Probe

Both Cohen and Manafort have close ties to people close to Putin’s Russian mafia henchmen and who are central to Trump-Russia. Their work is closer than most previous analysis has indicated, and to understand the overlap to understand the Trump-Russia ...
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Cohen’s Shady Family Business Dealings’ Unexplored Links to Key Trump-Russia Figures Demand Scrutiny

Trump’s Former Fixer’s Three Congressional Hearings Beginning Today Are a Great Opportunity to Demand Answers to Key Unsolved Mysteries that Show the Larger Trump-Russia Picture By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @bfry1981), February 26, 2019 CNN/Lawrence Crook Also see ...
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Crime Too Narrow As Main Lens to View Putin’s Masterpiece of Collusion

Why the intricacies and expanse of Putin’s plot—and Team Trump’s role in it—need a far different, deeper approach in public discussion Author’s note: I sat on this piece for over five months, pitching to many outlets, hoping each new revelation ...
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Rudy Giuliani’s Kislin Connection Raises Issues for His Role as Trump’s Russia Lawyer: EXCLUSIVE Analysis

Author's note: three-quarters of a year later, Giuliani is still Trump's point man on Russia and has not been asked the necessary questions raised by my exploration below. Also, Prevezon/Katsyv lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya was just charged by SDNY earlier this ...
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The Sex-Worker, the Oligarch, the Kremlin Insider, and the American Political Consultant

How an Entrepreneurial Russian Sex-Worker Further Exposed Team Trump’s Love Affair with Team Putin (Russian/Русский перевод) Author's note: the odyssey of "Nastya Rybka"—real name Anastasia Vashukevich—has only recently become even more complex with her deportation from Thailand and rough apprehension, ...
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Page-Turner of an Odyssey: The Details About Carter Page You Haven’t Heard and Why They Make Him Even More of a Person of Interest

Former Trump campaign advisor and Russophile Carter Page may seem goofy, delusional, and unimportant, but he is right smack-dab in the middle of the Trump-Russia saga, and the FBI would not have been concerned about him for years if he ...
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The Impeachment of Donald Trump: Russia’s Victory

Whether Trump is impeached or remains in office, Putin has already won Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse December 29, 2017 By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter@bfry1981) December 29th, 2017; republished by on March 23rd, 2018, and updated March ...
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The 1995 Gangster Meeting in Israel That Blows Opens the Trump-Russia Saga

After Monday’s New York Times piece on Trump business partner and associate Felix Sater’s efforts that began at least in November, 2015, to get Russian President Vladimir Putin to help Donald Trump get elected President that also involved Michael Cohen, ...
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Trump Russia Chart definitive final

Think You Know How Deep Trump-Russia Goes? Think Again: This Chart/Info Will Blow Your Mind

(Russian/Русский перевод) Perhaps the main problem with coverage of Trump’s Russia ties is that many of the various actors’ less salient ties to each other are missed, with much time and complexity often separating these (sub-)connections that greatly increase the ...
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U.S. Settlement of Prevezon Case Raises More Questions on Trump/Russia Ties; Bharara Led Case Before Trump Fired Him (CENSORED IN RUSSIA)

Author's note: In early January, 2019, Veselnitskaya was charged by SDNY for obstruction of justice in the Prevezon case. (Russian/Русский перевод) A major U.S. federal money laundering trial—one related to the Magnitsky murder and the largest ever tax fraud in Russian ...
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The Trump-Russia-Mob Connections Details You Won’t Find Elsewhere (Executive summary)

Apart from Flynn, there is so much more people need to know about Trump's ties to Putin, to Russia, to mobsters, to the plot to destroy Ukraine. With Comey's firing, the FBI investigation may end but our investigation must continue ...
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Trump’s Russia & Mafia Dealings Expose Him As Fool or Criminal (Traitor?) or Both: Biggest Scandal in U.S. History, Far Too Many Ties to Be Nothing

Author's note: as I tried following up in late 2016 and early 2017 on some loose ends from my pre-election piece, more and more material kept appearing in not just one rabbit hole, not just a burrow, but a whole ...
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Trump, the Global Democratic Fascist Movement, Putin’s War on the West, and a Choice for Liberals: Welcome to the Era of Rising Democratic Fascism Part II

Fascism comes in many forms; if Hitler and genocide can be one end of the spectrum, there’s plenty of room for fascism that falls far short of that standard, eschewing pogroms and other forms of mass violence, forms of fascism ...
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Welcome to the Era of Rising Democratic Fascism Part I: Defining Democracy, Fascism, and Democratic Fascism Usefully, and Spin vs. Lies

Fascism comes in many forms; if Hitler and genocide can be one end of the spectrum, there’s plenty of room for fascism that falls far short of that standard, eschewing pogroms and other forms of mass violence, forms of fascism ...
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The (First) Russo-American Cyberwar: How Obama Lost & Putin Won, Ensuring a Trump Victory

Author's note: I was able to put this narrative together—one strongly supported by the available information even right after the 2016 election—in early December, 2016. It still shocks me that, even as of early 2019, virtually all the mainstream outlets ...
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EXCLUSIVE: Top Trump Aides’ Deeper & Linked Roles in Putin Agenda Revealed; Russian Mafia Nexus With Trump & Aides Goes Back Years

Author's note: if I was horrified and outraged at the lack of the coverage of the Russia angle back in July, 2016 (especially in comparison to Clinton's e-mails), in the weeks before the election, especially with Comey's related late-in-the-game blunders, ...
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Trump, Putin, Russia, DNC/Clinton Hack, & WikiLeaks: “There’s Something Going on” with Election 2016 & It’s Cyberwarfare & Maybe Worse

Author's note January 19th, 2019: I wrote this during the 2016 DNC because I was horrified at the lack of attention the Russia angle was getting. The names, deals, companies, events, and issues that I then wrote demanded attention—attention they ...
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Amazon/Barnes & Noble

A Song of Gas and Politics: How Ukraine Is at the Center of Trump-Russia, or, Ukrainegate: A “New” Phase in the Trump-Russia Saga Made from Recycled MaterialsAmazon Kindle, B&N Nook, & EPUB editions 11/23/19; exclusive excerpts here and here

Trump-Russia chart by Brian Frydenborg Aug. 2017 with minor revisions since


The (First) Russo-American Cyberwar chart Dec. 2016

The Trump-Manafort-Deripaska(Prikhodko)-Putin Connection chart Feb. 2018