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Real Context News (RCN) aims to fill a gaping void created by the pressures and myopia of the modern media landscape.  In the past, before the internet, reporters and outlets had all day to put together a story, to take the time for proper consideration of context and history, to account for the larger picture.  Whole sections would be devoted to analysis and big-picture presentations.

The internet, mobile phones, Millennials, and Twitter each increasingly chipped away at this model, leaving many papers bankrupt and the surviving media outlets racing to catch up with the latest breaking details at the expense of the larger picture.  With more competition than ever and revenues falling for most as print disappears and digital dominates, the pressure is on to keep up with chasing the same headlines as everyone else, to file reports before the competition, to catch the minuscule Millennial Generation attention span.

In the era of Trump, these trends have all exploded exponentially, and even the best outlets rarely take the time to pause from throwing new details at their audience to explain what has happened so far and how it all fits into the big picture.  Analysis, depth, context, and history are increasingly devalued as clickbait increasingly replaces sober analysis of serious, complex subjects.  The same stories are repeated all day on television and there is little will to give the most pressing and complex stories the weight, ink, and airtime they deserve, with the next news cycle pushing everyone along before there is time for any reflection.

Here at Real Context News, the mission is simple: avoid these mistakes by providing in-depth, context-driven, history-rich analysis of the most pressing issues (and some neglected ones that fall under the radar), content that treats its readers with respect as individuals capable of handling complexity in a complex world.

Oversimplifying an increasingly complex world only serves to misinform and confuse.  The content presented here by Real Context News will give its readers much better understandings in their world that other outlets, with single articles often being far more complete than (virtually) any other single article you can read about the subject in question, the equivalent of a half dozen-articles or more pieces in one destination presented in an accessible style but compiled with rigorous academic standards so you can trust what you are reading is produced with only the highest of standards and accuracy, with sources always provided for the curious and discerning readers.

The world cannot be explained by a tweet or 800 words, so get the fuller, more accurate picture here at Real Context News from Brian Frydenborg and his unique combination of academic, journalistic, political, policy, regional, and historical expertise spanning nearly two decades.   From U.S. news to world news from each region of the globe, Real Context News has you covered.

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