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There Is No Logical Argument Against the Iran Nuclear Deal

The only alternatives to this deal are the destructive status quo of continued stalemate and standoff that destabilizes the whole region or even more open military conflict that endangers everyone in the region (including Israel). Ignore the naysayers and give ...
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The Most Powerful Senator on Climate Change Is a Delusional Lunatic

Published on LinkedIn Pulse March 23, 2015 Originally published here thanks to Patrick M. Andedall Why Senator James Inhofe would be hilarious except that he is real, he is serious, and he has a lot of power on climate issues ...
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The Meaning of 9/11? It’s All About 9/12

The Meaning of 9/11? It’s All About 9/12 What Cosmos, Abraham Lincoln, The Leftovers, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars Can Tell Us About 9/11 Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse September 12, 2014 By Brian E. Frydenborg-LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter ...
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