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Thoughts on the Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

An anti-monarchist reflects on what we have lost in our modern era: “an image of the splendour of the Kings of Men in glory undimmed before the breaking of the world.” By Brian E. Frydenborg (Twitter @bfry1981, LinkedIn, Facebook), September ...
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Ukrainian Prudence Meets Russian Limitations: Explaining the Current Pace and Nature of Russia’s War on Ukraine

The factors explaining why things are now happening the way they are happening (Russian/Русский перевод) By Brian E. Frydenborg (Twitter @bfry1981, LinkedIn, Facebook), August 23, 2022; adapted for and published by Small Wars Journal as Russia’s Limits Meet Ukraine’s Discretion to Slow ...
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Biden Pelosi Schumer

Media Keeps Portraying Democrats and Biden as a Mess, Ignoring Data Proving that Could Not Be Further from Truth

As usual, the media falls into facile forced narratives founded upon anecdotes, personal impressions, and its members own views and agendas without even attempting to include relevant data By Brian E. Frydenborg (Twitter @bfry1981; LinkedIn, Facebook), July 11, 2022 (**updated ...
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Finnish officers are inspecting Soviet skiing manuals

A Flurry of Telling Parallels Between the 1939-1940 Soviet-Finnish Winter War and Russia’s 2022 Ukraine War

Apart from other thematic ways I already discussed that Putin today is repeating Stalin's mistakes from the disastrous launching of the 1939 Soviet invasion of Finland, here are a number of other illuminating similarities between the two debacles (Russian/Русский перевод) By ...
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Finnish troops

Moscow’s 1939 Finland Hubris Repeats Itself in Ukraine in 2022

Stalin and his Kremlin inner circle were egregiously overconfident in their planning for the Soviet Union’s invasion of Finland in 1939. Disaster would follow. That Soviet-Finnish Winter War today is a gift of lessons for Putin and his Kremlin inner ...
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Putin speech

How Delusions of Phantom Fascists Duped Stalin in 1939 and Putin in 2022

Before Stalin launched his war against Finland in 1939, Soviet war planners based their planning on the self-serving, inaccurate fiction that Finland was rife with fascists. This delusion would cost them dearly in the war, and in 2022 Putin and ...
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Bandera march

“Banderites”: What Russia Really Means When It Calls Ukraine Nazi and Fascist

Putin thought he could use Ukraine’s complicated history that even divides Ukraine to his significant advantage in his massive military escalation there. He was wrong. (Russian/Русский перевод) By Brian E. Frydenborg, May 31, 2022 (Twitter @bfry1981; LinkedIn, Facebook); this is ...
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A Brief History of Russian and Soviet Genocides, Mass Deportations, and Other Atrocities in Ukraine

War crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, and mass killings carried out by their eastern neighbor are nothing new for Ukrainians; while not comprehensive, this brief outline focuses on what is most currently relevant from a series of horrors visited ...
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Putin Stalin collage

A Terrifying Comparison Between Putin and Stalin

Looking at the geopolitics of Eastern Europe in 2022 and 1939 is both illuminating and disturbing (Russian/Русский перевод) By Brian E. Frydenborg, May 23, 2022 (Twitter @bfry1981; LinkedIn, Facebook); this is the first of a series of articles excerpted and/or ...
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Putin’s Zombie Russian/Slavic Ethnonationalism Is Utterly Banal

As Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addresses the U.S. Congress, a look at the emptiness of his Russian counterpart’s ideological and revisionist historical underpinnings girding his revanchist, blatantly imperialist war against Ukraine (Russian/Русский перевод) By Brian E. Frydenborg, March 16, 2022 ...
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Gorbachev Baker

Putin’s NATO Narrative Is Bullshit

He has Russians and useful idiots believing in mythology that was invented after the fact (Russian/Русский перевод) By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @bfry1981), March 1, 2022 (additional source on NATO expansion added March 3); excerpted and slightly adapted ...
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Athena statue

On Christianity, Ancient Rome, History, and Memory: A Christmas Season Reflection

A review of The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World (by Catherine Nixey, Mariner Books, 2017 hc/2019 pb, 358 pages) By Brian E. Frydenborg, December 26, 2021 (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter @bfry1981) The New York Times SILVER SPRING—As ...
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