The Sandernista Political Revolution Handbook: A Matchup Game of Bernie Sanders’ Talking Points & Those of His Fans/Supporters

Author’s note: in the nearly three years since I created this chart, it is clear little has changed for Sanders and his supporters, their ideology, their talking points, and their approach to politics.

This handy chart provides the most common responses Bernie Sanders and his supporters have given to most issues, questions, or challenges.  If Sanders or any Sandernistas are pushed uncomfortably off message, asked to go into detailed explanations, or demonstrate any degree of expertise whatsoever, this chart will come to the rescue!  Because so many of the talking points work so well for so many different situations, you can even make a matching game out of it.  Guaranteed to be fun for any Bernie fan “feelin’ the Bern” and hatin’ on Hillary Clinton, this can also be used to avoid getting berned by fact checkers, Clintonites, Republicans, or more thoughtful voters.

Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse April 12, 2016 

By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedInFacebookTwitter @bfry1981) April 12th, 2016

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Now, let me just say this: GO, be Apostles of Political Revolution.  The entire country besides white liberals and the very young aren’t getting it and time is running out!  Bernie is THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE, even though most of them don’t know it yet, don’t share his values or ideas, and prefer other candidates.  But don’t let tiny details like these stop you, POLITICAL REVOLUTION is just around the corner if you just stick to the talking points on this chart come hell or high water, just like Bernie does.

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