Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis brought the heat

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Trump indictment 4 Georgia Willis
Trump indictment 4 Georgia Willis

SILVER SPRING—History is being made, and it is fitting that the largest conspiracy to overthrow elections and the Constitution since Reconstruction in the defeated rebel South in the 1860s-1870s is, in part, being brought by an African-American elected official in the State of Georgia where over a century ago where much of the terrorist white supremacist violence of the era was directed against black freed former slaves and their white Republican allies, back when the Republican Party was antiracist and anti-insurrection.  That violence was one of the four terrible strains—along with Nixon’s Southern Strategy to win over Southern racists into the Republican Party, the Reagan Revolution’s nihilistic anti-government extremism, and the Gingrich Revolution’s extreme partisanship—that untied in Trump’s Capitol Insurrection, as I noted shortly after that infamous January 6 for The Jerusalem Post.

Fulton County DA Willis is following in the footsteps of federal Special Counsel Jack Smith’s second indictment, her indictment—which you can read in full above or download here—the fourth indictment overall after the aforementioned Smith indictment, his other indictment on Trump’s classified documents, and Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s indictment against Trump for paying off pornstar Stormy Daniels regarding his affair with her and conspiring to cover up efforts to hush tabloids regarding the story of that affair, breaking FEC federal and state election law in conspiring to hide embarrassing information just before the 2016 presidential election primarily in order to further Trump’s presidential campaign ambitions .  In my discussion of that second Jack Smith indictment, I went into my own discussions of the whole January 6 ongoing horror (Trump still is pursuing this and has not let anything go, nor conceded anything). The New York Times has provided, as with the other indictments, a helpful annotated version of the indictment.

Former FBI counterintelligence agent and Yale professor Asha Rangappa was early in pointing out how even that Alvin Bragg’s case was strong and tied to the other election cases, despite the absurd claims of others: this, too, was about cheating and gaining an advantage in an election through corrupt and illegal means.  You can trace a criminal thread in much the same spirit to the two January 6 indictments, now, just far worse attempts to cheat in an election by breaking the law.  But even the documents case is also related: it is an astonishing example of the president refusing to relinquish the power of his office, breaking the law and jeopardizing national security in the process.

And OH, the obstruction!!!!

Beyond that, this case sets up similar RICO prosecutions in other states where this criminal conspiracy operated… If the January 6 Committee hearings provided a roadmap for Jack Smith and Fani Willis, this RICO case in much the same way provides a road map for other states that were also the targets of the Trump-led criminals conspiracy and insurrection to twist the outcome of a free and fair election and overthrow our system of government and the Constitution.

Bravo District Attorney Fani Willis, District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and Special Counsel Jack Smith.  May justice be done.  I will be commenting more on this in the near future…

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