Finally, the cases expertly made by House impeachment managers during Trump’s second impeachment trail and and the bipartisan January 6 Committee are in the accountability phase as Trump’s second federal indictment is unsealed

Trump Jack Smith
Jack Smith, the special counsel overseeing the investigation, in Washington on Tuesday after his indictment of former President Donald J. Trump had been made public.Credit…Doug Mills/The New York Times

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SILVER SPRING—Today, Special Counsel Jack Smith released his federal indictment on four criminal counts (Conspiracy to Defraud the United States, Conspiracy to Obstruct an Official Proceeding, Obstruction of and Attempt to Obstruct an Official Proceeding, and Conspiracy Against Rights) against Donald Trump.

You can read the full indictment here below:

Helpfully, The New York Times has offered an annotated version of the indictment. But, as I noted shortly after Trump’s Capitol Insurrection, he was obviously responsible and guilty at the time and even more so after the expertly-laid-out case made during his second impeachment trial. This was even further more so after the excellent presentation of the January 6 Committee. A year after the insurrection, which was just a part of his still ongoing campaign to undermine and overturn the results of the election he lost, I noted that that Trump’s efforts combined some of the worst strains in American history: 1.) the racist, violent attempts during the Civil War and Reconstruction to destroy American democracy, 2.) Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” relying on courting racists, moving the Republican Party away form its antislavery emancipationist roots fighting for the rights of black Americans, 3.) the Reagan Revolution’s antigovernment nihilism, and 4.) the Gingrich Revolution’s extreme partisanship. The Trump movement was, as I noted, fascist before January 6, but became even more fascist as it has embraced and condoned violence since then. I recently noted how Orwell shows us the best way to combat such fascism: “a power of facing unpleasant facts” and publicly speaking truth to power. One thing is for sure: our politics has been and must be divided first and foremost between those protecting our democracy, our republic, the rule of law, and the Constitution on the Patriot side, and those supporting Trump and his fascist authoritarian lawlessness on the Traitor side, as I paraphrased Gen. U.S. Grant before. And while the U.S. system held on through a first Trump term, I am not confident it would hold on through a second.

Jack Smith and justice are marching on, Trump firmly in their sights, as that menace to democracy should be.

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