The Real Context News Podcast Inaugural Episode: State of the Country (Media & Politics)

By Brian E. Frydenborg (LinkedInFacebookTwitter @bfry1981, YouTube) September 7, 2020

Premiere episode!

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Corrections: When I said I have “sympathy” for whites proud to be white, I meant “empathy” for their sorry state

I said the black vote for Clinton in 2016 was 86-87%.  It was 89%.

I was wrong when I suggested that black Caribbean immigrants are more educated than average Americans, but was right when I said Nigerian, African immigrants were

I said Trump was involved with Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, but it was Bear Stearns and FL Group; relevant passage from my eBook (general preview here) below:

Let us also pause here to note Trump’s direct involvement with two major financial firms—Bear Stearns and FL Group—just before they failed and were the two major catalysts for the worst global economic crises since the Great Depression.  FL Group failed spectacularly in 2008, along with Iceland’s other major banks and funds.  The firm’s failure was a major factor in the collapse of Iceland’s financial sector, a collapse that served as a catalyst for the 2008 global financial crisis and America’s Great Recession.  Furthermore, since FL Group was a stupendously bad performer even by the standards of the 2008 financial crisis, and given its close (direct and/or indirect) ties to Kremlin-connected Russian money, one could also be forgiven for thinking that they were acting more out of Kremlin interests than business ones.  In the case of Bear Stearns, its collapse would be the first big domino on the U.S. side of the global financial crises and the catalyst for the U.S. Great Recession.  The Trump deals were not insignificant and were important factors in both firms’ collapses, so, it would not be without accuracy to say that Donald Trump played an important role in causing the economic crises that erupted in 2008.”

I said there were eight investigations into Clinton’s e-mails/server but that was really about Benghazi (and there were nine), which Republicans did their best to tie to Clinton’s e-mails

References: My piece on how the current media landscape lacks proper analysis-May 2016, 2018

In terms of far-left and identity-driven injecting their opinions/pressures into news reporting at The New York Times and the mainstream media and how media elites are generally unrepresentative, see Bari Weiss’s resignation letter, Andrew Sullivan’s penultimate New York Magazine column and two of his new Weekly Dish pieces

On lack of exit polling data in 2020: Florida, strength of Biden support with young POC in SC, MS

On Biden’s stuttering and “mental sharpness, a ”NYT Column and the key Atlantic article it references

On white conservatives thinking white people are the people being discriminated by others

On the 1994 crime bill, two pieces from Vox and D.L. Hughley’s comments

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